Note to Family and Friends

Most people who attend a Beginning Experience weekend heard about it through a caring friend, relative, neighbor or coworker. If you are considering Beginning Experience for yourself, we hope you will read on. If you are exploring this website out of concern for a hurting Mom, Dad, brother, sister or friend, we hope you will read on and share what you learn. You are never too old, too young or too late to attend a Beginning Experience weekend, and neither are the people in your life. So, please;

Direct others to our website

Contact us for a written brochure or brochures to share

Copy the application form and share

Consider making a donation or “sponsoring” a friend or relative – a weekend away makes a great birthday, Christmas or anytime gift. Also consider writing in a United Way pledge to SE Minnesota Beginning Experience during the annual United Way drive.

Follow up with friends and family who you think would benefit

Talk to a Beginning Experience alumnus if you have questions or concerns

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